2006 Past Speakers / Events
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The following topics were presented at the Foothill Autism Alliance monthly resource meetings in 2006.

January 2006
Autism and Adolescence
February 2006
Social Skills: Building Skills to Foster Social Relationships & Friendships

March 2006
Latest Research from UCLA and CAN

April 2006
IEP Strategies: Writing Effective Goals

CAN Walk at Rose Bowl

May 2006
Annual Spring Picnic & Fun Festival

June 2006
Introduction to Biomedical Treatments for Autism

July 2006
Recreational Opportunities for Children with Special Needs

August 2006
"Back to School" Conference

September 2006
Planning Social Skills Interventions

October 2006
Who Will Take Care of My Child When I'm Gone?

November 2006
Floortime Approaches to Social Skills

December 2006
Holiday Party