2011 Past Speakers / Events
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The following topics were presented at the Foothill Autism Alliance monthly resource meetings in 2011.

January 2011
Making Sense of Autism's Diversity

February 2011
Opening Doors for Social Inclusion at School

March 2011
The Age of Autism - Mercury, Medicine, and a Man-Made Epidemic

April 2011
Social, Recreational, and After-School Programs

Autism Speaks Walk

May 2011
13th Annual FAA Spring Picnic & BBQ


June 2011
Panel of Young Adults with Autism

July 2011

August 2011

End-of-Summer Luau and Pool Party

September 2011

October 2011
Conservatorship and Other Legal Issues

November 2011
Adaptive Technology: The iPad as a Game Changer for Autism

December 2011
Holiday Party at Moonlight Rollerway