Ensure that individuals on the autism spectrum live productive and meaningful lives in the community. To accomplish this, FAA will relentlessly innovate and implement strategies to:

  • Increase the understanding and acceptance of people with autism;

  • Ensure transition plans result in more independent adult life that is meaningful to the individual;

  • Increase access for College to Career, Employment and Affordable Housing in local communities;

  • Ensure that individuals on the autism spectrum have effective interventions, services and supports throughout their lifetime;

  • Partner with City, County, State and at the Federal level to advocate for programs and services that support self-realization of individuals on the autism spectrum.


FAA will be a catalyst for life-enhancing changes for individuals on the autism spectrum and their families.

Founder Legacy

Foothill Autism Alliance (FAA) was founded in  March  1998  by Bob Schneider and his spouse Yudi Bennett, when their adult son who is on the autism spectrum was barely 3 years of age.   Recognizing the need for parents to have effective interventions, services and supports throughout the lifetime Bob with a core group of parents formed FAA. Bob was dedicated to FAA becoming a centralized hub of information, resources and networking for parents with children with autism working in partnership with Patricia Herrera, M.S. who at that time was the Director of Family Support Services at Lanterman Regional Center. In 2002, with support from Lanterman Regional Center, Bob launched the” Autism Power Pak” a one of a kind resource directory specific to autism vetted by Parent for Parents with children on the autism spectrum.

Bob led by example. He embraced the mission of FAA, stayed true and focused, and never diverted from providing education, information and support to families of children with autism. He touched so many families and professionals. The impact of his devotion in supporting others and linking people with information is difficult to quantify, except that it is enormous.