About Us


In 1989, a handful of parents spearheaded by Bob Schnieder and his spouse Yudi Bennett, came together to support one another and our children with autism on a journey into the unknown. We donned the name Foothill Autism Alliance (“FAA”) and dedicated 30 years blazing trails in search of information about this new diagnosis, best practices and qualified resources — sharing what we found and advocating for schools to make them available. Because of our efforts and the accomplishments of our children — which far exceeded expectations, educators now recognize the potential in young children on the spectrum, the developmentally disabled at large and the importance of investing in all of them.

While far from perfect, supports are in place for school-age children where there were none before.


We continue to blaze trails, but have shifted our shovels to the needs of spectrum teens laying groundwork for “life after graduation” and young adults who have begun living it – with few resources equipped to support person-centered ambitions to secure and sustain meaningful employment and safe live in a home of their own with trusted friends and a network of natural support they can reach out to in times of need.

Whether these special young men and women choose to pursue a college degree, further skills through trade courses, or jump straight into a job, we offer shoulders to lean on, occasions to learn, opportunities to explore and resources to support these earnest individuals through tumultuous times of transition to new beginnings that are self-directed and fulfilling.


The futures of our children on the spectrum are unknown. The only thing we know for sure is that they will always need someone looking out for their best interest – and, the best folks to do this won’t always be around.

So, when the sun sets on today, we will line up “second best” to ensure their happy and healthy tomorrows.