Parents of Transitioning Teens

Acne is sprouting. Hormones are raging. And insecurities are paralyzing progress you were just celebrating. Medications that took so long to “get right” don’t work the way they did. Nor do the “house rules.” Every day is unpredictable and unruly. You have no control over any of it – and, the future looks even dimmer than the present. Feel familiar? You are not alone.


Here at FAA, you will meet “survivors” who are happy to share what worked and confess, what didn’t. We also call upon professionals to offer their expertise at FAA-sponsored teen and parenting workshops. Click here to find out what is on our CALENDAR for you and your teen

JOIN FAA and get the help you need to embrace these teenage years.

Parent-To-Parent Support

If you are looking for a pity party, you won’t find it here.  At FAA, we get together to help one another up and out of the pits because when you are stuck down there it only gets darker. We do this through “action planning”. We discuss common pitfalls, share successful resolutions and leave with personal action plans.. For meeting dates and times see  CALENDAR. For support call FAA’s Warm Line at (818) 662-8847 or email us at



Parents of Young Adults

You and your child have a love-hate relationship. Unconditional love is and always will be the root of your relationship, but your child’s yearning for independence and your desire to hang your parenting hat, are feelings that are growing like weeds and choking life out of the “warm and fuzzies” that used to bloom – never often enough, but enough to thrive.


You are not alone. While your life experiences have been far from “normal,” these feelings are. The fact that your child has urgings for independence is something to be celebrated! Praise and encourage “his/her way” of doing things. Let go and you will both reap the benefits of your hard-earned parenting success. The more independent your child becomes the happier you both will be.