Acne is sprouting. Hormones are raging.I don’t know about you, but the medications that took so long to “get right” don’t seem to work the way they did. And, where did the confidence go you were feeling yesterday? Insecurities are haunting again – and, the bullies who prey on them. One minute everything is good. The next, it is irritating as all get-out – including and especially advice. You know what you’re doing. At least you did a couple of days ago. Or, was it last week that you decided you didn’t need or want your parents. Now you are looking for them. Suddenly you’re not sure of anything – except, that all of this sucks!

You are not alone. At FAA you will meet teens just like you who are feeling the same frustrations and have no idea how to deal with them – or even, talk about them. But they’re giving it a try. You can too.

You Too Can Be A Celebrity

Study shows viewers want more representation for those with disabilities.

Historically, able actors who play characters with disabilities have been rewarded for their performances with high box office returns…

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Recent Events

We recently had a great workshop on “bullying.” One of our teen members mustered the courage to share her bullying experiences, bringing rise to our own dark memories. Strangely, it also brought comfort knowing we were not lone targets.

A policeman gave us some helpful tips on how “the force can be with us!” Should the need arise, reach out to your local officers. Let them know your disability – and they will have your back.

This workshop was the last in a series of five. But, you are in luck because we plan to repeat in 2020 because of the overwhelming response.

So, be sure to look out for this and our other upcoming events!

Teen Workshop