Young Adults

The love-hate relationship you have with your parent(s).

You love that they care, but sometimes they care too much – about what you are doing and even more about what you are not doing. But then, there is only so much you can do on your own, aside from watching TV (or movies) and video gaming.


While you may be one of the fortunate few who has a driver’s license, even then you have to get permission to go anywhere because you don’t have the money to fill the tank. You depend on your parents to bankroll your every move – so there goes the independence you long to have.

How can you get out from under boredom – and, your parents scrutiny?

Get a job. When you find a job that you like, it doesn’t feel like work. In fact, it feels good. It’s one place you can count on getting a shout-out from everyone when you arrive, because everyone is glad to see you. It feels good to belong and contribute your skills.


What skills do you have to contribute, you ask yourself? That’s because you and everyone around you has been focusing on what you cannot do your whole life. It’s time to change that up! 

Generally speaking, the things people do best are the things they like to do most.

Watching TV or video gaming may be what you like most. Unfortunately, no one will pay you to do these things. In order to find a job you enjoy, you’ve got to be able to answer this question: What do I like to do AND people will pay me to do? Don’t know? You are not alone. 


That’s why FAA is offering a young adult “Employment Discovery Series.” At the conclusion of this six part series of discovery classes (sponsored in part by Autism Speaks), we hope to introduce you to that employer at our Job Fair.

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Employement Workshop